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Hello everyone!

As we all know Easter is approaching, which means it’s time to bring out the pretty pastels. I’m a church going gal, so I like to find modest dresses that I can wear to church. I did not get a chance to take pictures of my own Easter outfit, which is why I used my pageant picture which I believe was around Easter time. I was doing face painting at the park for all the kids and it was a very fun day. The dress I’m wearing is from Champagne and Strawberry. They have beautiful pastel, frilly and girly dresses that look very sweet (almost like a dessert). Unfortunately, I could not find the exact dress that I’m wearing, but I have found other cute options from the same brand! The great thing is that not only are these dresses really cute, but modest as well 😉

Moving on to other cute Easter outfit ideas. I know some people will go to church and others might get together with family at the park or both, so I will give you some ideas for both types of activities.

  1.  Modest Outfit – I think A-line dresses with a cinched waist such as this one is the most flattering cut for all body shapes. It helps your waist appear smaller and if you have a food baby, it really helps to hide it! Haha. I really like how mixing different shades of pink and blue look together. The shoes definitely add a pop of color to this outfit making it a really fun look. The whole outfit is under $60!

2. Girly – I immediately fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it and then I married it when I saw the price. With this outfit you can go straight to egg hunting after church services. The whole outfit including the cute basket for egg hunting is $55!

3. Comfy Chic – An outfit for the ladies who do not like wearing dresses. I totally get it, sometimes I don’t like wearing dresses because shaving is too much of a hassle haha. This is also a good choice for moms that will be spending the day running after the kids. Here are a variety of options for you.

4. Festive – For this last Easter outfit, I decided to go all out. I’m the type of person that really likes to dress up for the occasion. For example, of it’s St. Patrick’s Day, I will be wearing something with a four- leaf clover print. A little embarrassing, but that’s how I role. If you’re as festive as I am, you’re going to love this outfit. A bunny print top, a skater skirt, a bunny crossbody bag, and bunny earrings to complete the look. Too much bunny? ( I say nay).

So, those are my Easter outfit ideas. I hope you enjoyed and have a safe holiday! Leave me a comment if you have any questions or want to chat 🙂
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