Where to Buy Festival Outfits + Outfit Inspo

Festival season has come upon us! It is time to start shopping for your fun festival outfits. I’m super excited to see what everyone is going to be wearing to the biggest music festivals and to hopefully give you some fashion inspo. Disclaimer, I have never been to Coachella, but I am well aware of how people dress to these type of events. I’m hoping that one day in the near future (when I’m not a broke college student) I can attend these events dressed as a fabulous gypsy. This outfit below is something that I would personally wear to a music festival. I literally had everything lying around at home (yes, even the belly dance hip scarf, don’t ask). All you need is a long flowy skirt with any cool print, a lace bralette like this one here, and a belly dance hip scarf which comes in all the colors of the rainbow for as cheap as $6.99! It’s a really good choice if you don’t want to spend a lot on your outfit. There’s also more intricate options such as this one here which is still pretty cheap at $16.33 and it will make you feel and look like a total festival princess.


I was enjoying myself a little too much with this flowy skirt :p


My Top Retailers

Now, moving on to my top store picks for shopping for your festival outfits. (In no particular order)


1)  ASOS

Okay so starting off with this one because they have THE cutest bathing suits! I couldn’t decide which ones to pick because there are so many to choose from. They have a lot of high-waisted retro suits and they basically come in every print you can think of. So for bathing suits, this shop is definitely my favorite and what’s great about a bathing suit is that you can wear a skirt over it to complete your festival outfits.

2) Nordstrom Rack 

I really like to shop here because they have a lot of boho style items and cute shoes that are durable. I’ve never been unhappy with anything I’ve bought here and they last me a long time so 10/10 recommend.

3) Nasty Gal

This shop has been one of my favorites for a while because they have a “cool chic” vibe. They have really cute tropical print clothing on their site right now, which you should check out.

4) Forever 21

I don’t think you can ever go wrong with Forever 21. They are constantly updating their stores with new, hip merchandise. However, I will say is that it’s much easier to run into someone wearing the same outfit as you, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you feel about it.

5) Urban Outfitters

This shop is a little more on the expensive side compared to the others, but there’s a sale going on that just started today. Sale items have an extra 30% off! I know some people don’t like sale items because they say that they are on sale because no one wanted it and I disagree. There are many cute items that are on sale and if you have a sense of style you can make anything look good. I am not ashamed to rock sale items and you shouldn’t be either. (This sale ends on April 9)

So those are my top 5 retail stores for festival outfits. The fun thing about festivals is that you can get creative and wear something that you might not normally wear. Also, with accessories you can literally throw on all your necklaces and bracelets and it will look pretty darn cool. My best advice is just have fun with it and don’t stress over your outfits. I hope in some way I have made your shopping process a little easier :p Happy shopping, lovely people!

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