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Back to School Outfits – Dress Code Friendly Clothes

You may not like school, but I’m all about back to school outfits! I start school in a week and although I am not very excited, I try to get myself excited by wearing new clothes or styling old clothes in a new way. In college I no longer have a dress code, but I sure remember the struggle in high school. When I dress up for school, my main goal is to be comfortable and style comes second. I tend to wear flats rather than shoes with heel because I have to walk a lot from the parking lot to my classes. My style changes every so often, sometimes I opt for a preppy look and sometimes I go for a more retro style. So, the following are outfits that I would personally wear to college and could also be worn to high school 😉


A Classic V-Neck

You can make a plain white t-shirt look more dressy by pairing it with either a high waisted skirt or high waisted jeans. To add a sophisticated French vibe to your outfit, I suggest using a bandana with the print of your choice around your neck like a choker. If you’re not into that, you can also wear the bandana as a headband and it will look just as cute. For the shoes, I really like pointed toe shoes because I think they look very classy. 

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If you take a peek in my closet, you’ll notice that I have way too many black and white striped tops. I think that these tops look good on everyone! If you have a baggy striped tee, try wearing it with an overall dress. I fell in love with this corduroy dress because I just love corduroy in general, but it’s PINK! This is like an edgy look, but the pink makes it more girly. Also, as you may know, scrunchies are back in style so I tagged a few of my favorite ones below.

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Animal Print

One of the biggest trends that was seen on a bunch of runways is animal print. Whether it’s zebra, leopard, cheetah, you name it. I’m currently on the lookout for a tiger print top because that one is a little tough to find at an affordable price. A animal print top is a statement piece so you can wear that with some light blue mom jeans. For accessories, you can use a belt to make it look more put together. As for the shoes, this look could work with some white sneakers or black booties. Also, how cute is this cat backpack!! (I linked a couple below)

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So these are my back to school outfits to hopefully give you some ideas on how to look trendy, but also be comfortable. For more outfit ideas follow my Instagram  or shop my outfits here.




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